SEO Tips Any Social Media Business Page Can Use

SEO Tips Any Social Media Business Page Can Use

SEO Tips Any Social Media Business Page Can Use Social media is such a powerful marketing tool that businesses without pages on popular social media platforms are missing great opportunities. In this article, we will look at what social media can do for your business and share a few tips on using SEO in social media.

Search rankings on websites are not affected by social media activity. However, by using social media as a cross-promotion tool for your website, you can increase traffic flow. When your website has more traffic, it increases exposure and more people learn about your product or service. Plus, social media feeds reach people you may not otherwise have access to with just your website marketing. This is why it is so important to consider social media as part of a digital marketing strategy. Let’s look at some of the ways social media can help your website search engine optimization (SEO).

1 - Increasing Brand Awareness

Brand mentions are one of the factors website visitors consider when determining that site’s reliability. This is why social media can have a great deal of influence on the perception of your brand.

Positive interaction with followers generates conversation about your brand that Google notices. Although social media likes and follows have no bearing on Google ranking, how people talk about your brand online does. This is because Google uses online mentions as a measurement to categorize your site in search queries. In other words, online chatter about your brand helps search engines to better understand what your website is about.

2 - Making Engaging Content

It makes sense that if you share your content, even just a link to it, on social media feeds, it exposes your brand to new people. What makes sharing on social media more valuable is that content has a long shelf life if it keeps getting shared.

So make sure that your content is engaging. It has to provide readers with something of value for them to share it with others. The value can be something educational about your product, your product offered as a solution to a problem, or some other way of showing there is a need for what you are selling. Plus, content should be written for people, not search engines. Still, ensure you have the proper keywords in place, but the way the content flows should be conversational and interesting.

3 - Building Authority reports that the content you publish on your website will eventually establish you as an expert within your field. This helps your brand to build authority. Over time, website visitors will seek you out for insight into matters that are relevant to your product or service. When you add social media to the equation, it helps to amplify the efforts. It does this by spreading your authoritative content into different areas that your website can’t reach. Ideally, you want to picture this as your website in the middle, the hub of a wheel with all the social media channels as the spokes of the wheel directing traffic to the hub. Remember to not rely on social media for authority building, but use it to enhance the work you are doing through your website.

Building backlinks is not easy. It takes much time and effort. However, the dividends that come from it are amazing. But how do you build a linking strategy around social media? Very carefully.

First, you should have a social media marketing strategy in place to promote new content. It will vary depending on where you share content and what each piece of content is about. For example, some content will be a better fit if shared on some social media feeds over others. Second, there should be a standard operating procedure used on all new content, and finally, you should have a library of evergreen content that can be recycled often. Someone may find a piece of your content speaks to them in a certain way and you earned a link to it that way. But  remember: you won’t earn those links if you don’t share new content regularly.

5 - Creating Partnerships

Social media platforms are designed to permit people to make connections that develop into relationships. These partnerships are what get you the exposure you seek through social media. However, concentrate on three key partnerships. They include:

Brand Ambassadors

These are the people who love your product and service so much that they talk about it all the time online. They have become so loyal to you, that they promote your brand effectively, essentially giving it a great deal of free advertising.

Organic Influencers

These are people who have a lot of experience, trustworthiness, and authority within your industry. When any of these influencers provide a positive endorsement of your brand, it has an impact that could not be possible through any other means.

Strategic Partners

These are businesses or influencers within your niche who are not considered competitors. They are open to joining forces with you to create content that interests both your and their audiences. This often leads to crossover marketing possibilities.

Summing Up

Although social media does not have a direct impact on website SEO, you can use it to spread the word about your brand. Through sharing content from your website, you can increase your brand’s reach. More people aware of your product or service generates more interest in what you have to offer. This usually translates to an increase in website traffic. This is the main benefit from using social media to promote your brand. It takes time to build that trust and authority, but it is much easier when you have social media business pages to work with and the time to use them to target your audience.

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